Terms of use

This text constitute the terms and conditions of the website under the address www.achicmood.com, which is owned and administrated by :
A Chic Mood

Stéphanie de Lagausie ep.moser

Jerozolimskie 181 B

02-222 Warsaw
 e-mail : stephanie@achicmood.com
Mailing address :
Bialy kamien 8B

02-593 Warsaw,
NIP (Tax Identification Number): 5213714200
REGON: 363124063
NUMER IBAN: PL84 1750 0012 0000 0000 3224 3428 (euros)

NUMER IBAN: PL37 1750 0012 0000 0000 3224 3401 (zlotys)
Raiffeisen Polbank. Address: ul. Swietokrzyska 18 Warsaw 00-052  (POLAND)

  1. These Terms and Conditions set out the rules for concluding a contract of sale through the E-Shop, under the address www.achicmood.com
  2. The exclusive right to run the above mentioned shop belongs to A Chic Mood, referred to as the “E-shop”.
  3. All products offered at www.achicmood.com are new and free from physical or legal defects. They have been introduced onto the market legally.
  4. Contact with the Store is possible by email (stephanie@achicmood.com) from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00.
  5. Some of jewellery available in the e-Shop is made of Silver 925 Sterling, or 14 carats gold, silver or gold platted (depending on the product) and semi precious stones. Silk scarves are made in France with 100% silk. The E-shop is selling products via Internet.
  6. Pictures presented on the e-Shop, and other forms of visualization and presentation of products do not reflect their actual size, they are only informative.
  7. If the customer wish to engrave abusive words, chauvinistic or content that is unlawful or infringe the rights of third parties, the e-Shop has the right to refuse to engrave them on the product.


  1. The contract of sale may be concluded only by an adult, who has full legal capacity.
  2. In order to ordering products it is required to read and accept the terms and conditions and consent to the processing of personal data by the e-Shop.
  3. The information given by the customer required for purchases should be truthful and current. If the client provides false information, outdated or questionable, the e-Shop will attempt to contact the customer in order to fill in or verify the information. In case the customer contact is not possible, the e-Shop has the right to refuse an order.


  1. The customer can place orders 24 hours a day every day of the year, however orders are processed on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Orders placed on weekdays after 5 p.m., and on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays will be processed the next working day.
  2. Placing an order through achicmood eshop : the client places an order by adding product(s) presented in the e-Shop in the cart, and then selects the “proceed to checkout” button, indicating the method of delivery and other necessary data to perform the contract, such as: name, date of birth, gender, phone, address, e-mail, data necessary to issue a VAT invoice, if the client requests the issuance of such invoice, and any comments to an order, concerning engraving or delivery address. When making purchases the customer is required to read and accept the contents of the Rules of the e-Shop, and consent to the processing of personal data.
  3. After the client filled in all necessary data, a summary of the order will be displayed, including: a description of the product(s), the unit and the total price of ordered goods, the nature and costs of delivery, the customer name and address and the data  necessary to deliver a VAT invoice, if the client has requested to issue such invoice .
  4. All the products are presented with the price in euros but the client have the possibility to transfer payment in polish zlotys. When ordering the client could specified he wants to pay in zlotys, then an email will be sended by achicmood to validate the price in zlotys.
  5. After ordering , a message is then sent to the-mail address specified by the client, while placing an order confirming the processing of an order, along with the contents of this Terms and Conditions, followed by current information about the course of execution of this order.
  6. Upon reception from the e-Shop to confirm an order, on the email address specified by the client, the e-Shop and client are bonded by an selling agreement concerning the ordered products.



  1. Product prices are given euros include VAT.
  2. The price of each product is binding at the time an order is placed by the customer.
  3. shipping costs have to be added to the total amount of the order, these expenses are lump sum (refer to the shipping page)
  4. The e-Shop reserves the right to change prices of products available in the e-Shop, to introduce new products on the e-Shop, to create and cancel promotions on the e-Shop, or make changes within the range of products. This does not affect orders made before the date of entry into force of the change in the price, conditions, or sales promotional activities that will be implemented under the existing rules.
  5. Promotion on the e-Shop can’t be merged, unless the rules of a particular promotion provides otherwise.
  6. Payment on the e-Shop are processed by bank transfer in euros or polish zlotys



  1. To each completed order is attached as proof of purchase a receipt.
  2. VAT invoice is issued at the request of the client, after providing all the data needed for the invoice.


  1. For the implementation of the contract shall be construed to provide the ordered goods to the customer.
  2. Orders are processed only after payment is received by the e-Shop.
  3. In case of non-payment of your order within 10 days from the date of its submission, the transaction shall be considered nulle and will be automatically cancelled.
  4. The delivery time is up to 10 working days from the day the client received by email (at the email address he provided) confirmation that the payment has been received by the e-Shop and the orders is being processed, but not later than 30 (thirty) days from the conclusion of the contract.
  5. The e-Shop fulfills orders on Europe. Beyond, it’s necessary to ask before ordering by sending an email at stephanie@achicmood.com
  6. Prices for shipping in Poland by Post Office are fixed.
    For 1 to 3 products sent in the same order the cost is 3€ in economic rate or 5€ in priority rate. More than 3 products, it’s necessary to ask before ordering by sending an email at stephanie@achicmood.com
    Prices for shipping in rest of Europe by Post Office are fixed.
    For 1 to 3 products sent in the same order the cost is 5€ in economic rate or 8€ in priority rate. More than 3 products, it’s necessary to ask before ordering by sending an email at stephanie@achicmood.com


COMPLAINTS (non-conformity)

  1. The e-Shop shall be liable towards client, who is a consumer in accordance with the legal provisions in force, for the non-conformity of the products purchased in the e-Shop, products referred to in the contract of sale.
  2. Any complaint about the lack of conformity of products should be sent to: A Chic Mood , Jerozolimskie 181B 02-222 Warsaw, POLAND.
  3. When submitting a claim for non-conformity the product concerned and a proof of purchase must be submitted to the e-Shop together with description of non-conformity.
  4. The e-Shop will address the complaint within fourteen (14) days and inform the consumer about how to proceed.



  1. The consumer has the right, without giving any reason, to cancel the contract within 14 days of the date on which the consumer acquired the physical possession of the products or a third party, other than the carrier and specified by the client, took physical possession of the goods. In this case, the customer has to return the products at his own expense to the following adress : A Chic Mood, stéphanie M. , Bialy Kamien 8B/21 – Warsaw 02-593
  2. Withdrawal from the contract, for it to be valid, requires submission by the consumer of an unequivocal declaration of withdrawal from the contract. The statement needs to be sent to the following address: A Chic Mood , Jerozolimskie 181B 02-222 Warsaw, POLAND, and via e-mail to the e-mail address: stephanie@achicmood.com. To respect this deadline, the declaration of withdrawal from the contract has to be sent before expiration of the contract.
  3. In the event of withdrawal, the contract shall be considered null and void, and what the contracting parties agreed on refundable.
  4. In the event of cancellation by the client from the contract on the terms described above, the client must return the goods covered by the contract unchanged and unaltered. The return of the goods shall be made no later than 14 days from the date of withdrawal .
  5. In the event of cancellation by the client from the contract, not later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the declaration of the client to withdraw from the contract, the e-Shop will return all payments made by the client, including the cost of delivery of the goods.
  6. The e-Shop will reimburse the client using the same mode of payment used by the client during the order, unless the client expressly agrees to a different reimbursement.
  7. The e-Shop may withhold the refund of payments to the client until the receipt of goods or the proof from the client before proof of their return, depending on which event occurs first.
  8. The client is responsible for any diminished value of the goods resulting from handling in a manner different than was intended in the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.
  9. The cost of returning the goods is be borne by the consumer.



  1. The Administrator of the Data is the e-Shop.
  2. Personal data are protected in accordance with the laws in force to prevent access to them third parties.
  3. Personal data shall be collected with due diligence and adequately protected against unauthorized access.
  4. When placing an order and registering in the newsletter , you agree to our processing of your personal data. Providing personal data by the client is voluntary, but failure to consent to the processing of personal data may prevent the client to make purchases or to use services electronically. The client is responsible for providing false personal data.
  5. The e-Shop processes personal data in order to conclude and execute contracts for the sale of goods ordered in the store, the provision of services by electronic means and by a separate agreement for the purposes of marketing and promotion.
  6. Consistent with the laws in force, the e-Shop clients have the right to access and check their personal data, modify them and request their removal.



  1. Information about the goods, presented on the e-Shop, in particular, their descriptions and prices, are an invitation to enter into an agreement referred to in the laws in force.
  2. We reserve the right to change the rules. Any change in the Terms and Conditions will be notified to our clients by placing an appropriate message on the website www.achicmood.com. Clients who have registered in the e-Shop will be notified of the amendments to the regulations and the possibility of its acceptance by first logging in the e-Shop, counting from the date of entry into force of the new regulations. Refusal to accept the Terms and Conditions is equivalent to termination of the contract for the provision of electronic services.
  3. Disagreements between the e-Shop and the client, which is a consumer shall be resolved by a court of law, with jurisdiction under the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.
  4. In the event of changes to the terms and conditions made before the date of the modification to the rules will be implemented on the basis of the existing ones.
  5. These Regulations shall apply from 30 september 2017.